The Reluctant Gangster

From The Deadline Dames: A 250 word piece based on this picture


“They call it what again?” Jack tried not to move the gun.  The photographer had already yelled at him twice.

“Erotica.”  Keith couldn’t hide his smirk.

“Why don’t they just call it porn?”  There were some things Jack would never understand.

“Girls like to pretend they’re too good for porn.  If they admit they’re into it, what would be left to complain about?”

Jack wasn’t convinced.  “And you’re sure it’s the same thing?”

The photographer repositioned the fog machine and Keith took the opportunity to stretch. “It’s almost the same,” he laughed.  “Only instead of straight porn, it’s porn, boring stuff, porn, talking, porn, more talking, porn.  Perfect for chicks.”

“And you think women will actually buy this one?”  Jack was still wrapping his head around the whole cover model gig.  What if people got the wrong idea?

“Well,” Keith paused as the photographer positioned him closer to the antique car.  “It’s not really for one specific book.  They like to use the same cover as many times as they can.”

“I didn’t realize it was such a popular theme.”

Keith shrugged.  “Women love gangsters.”

“Gay gangsters?”  Jack couldn’t believe it.  “Really?”

“Hey, I don’t know,” Keith laughed.  “I’m not a woman.  I prefer my sex with less of a story line.”

Jack shook his head.  “A gangster wearing argyle.  That’ll be the day.”  The camera’s flash was bright, and for the first time, Jack was grateful for the stupid sunglasses.  “Women,” he snorted.  “Erotica.”

“Yeah,” Keith grinned.  “Erotica.”


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